Yolanda Russo

Imagine starting and ending your day not just by cleansing your skin, but by rejuvenating it, nurturing it, and giving it a glow that speaks volumes about care, love, and the beauty of health.

Why face massage, you might ask? Because it's the secret to stimulating circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and delivering that coveted, natural glow from within.

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I'm Yolanda Russo, a skincare expert and well-being coach, deeply motivated by a journey from perfectionism and illness to healing and purpose. Early in life, my quest for perfection and constant mental chatter led me to a state of illness, marked by debilitating migraines that confined me to darkness, away from the world's beauty. The pivotal moment came when, weakened and aged by my ordeal, a burst of light and a whisper of intuition ignited my resolve to find healing—not just for myself but for others trapped in similar cycles of suffering.

What drove me toward skincare and holistic well-being was the realization that we're often misled by societal conditioning to believe our genetics dictate our fate, leaving us powerless and seeking external solutions. Inspired by Bruce Lipton's insight that less than 1% of disease is genetic, with the rest influenced by our environment and lifestyle, I recognized the power of personal agency in healing and rejuvenation.

My own journey to wellness through natural and Eastern medicine taught me the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. I learned that true healing and youthfulness begin with self-love, breaking free from the belief that external fixes like injections or surgeries are our saviors.

Today, my mission is to empower women to take control of their aging process, guiding them to make healthier lifestyle choices, practice self-care, and love themselves deeply. Through Beauty On Command Natural Facelift, I incorporate face massage and holistic principles to not only enhance physical beauty but to foster inner well-being.

Whether in-person at Speranzi Facial Spa or online, I'm dedicated to helping women discover that they hold the key to their own transformation. The journey to a youthful appearance and a vibrant life is within your grasp, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Join me, and let's embrace the journey to self-love and radiant skin together.

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